The Good, the Public and the Mayor Boris!

October 17, 2011 2 Comments


The Good, the Public and the Mayor Boris!

Jesus!  Boris has got himself in a religious storm

On my way home on Thursday I picked up the evening standard and read with great amusement an article titled ‘Jesus!  Boris has got himself in a religious storm.

The article was talking about the nomination of the ‘controversial Preacher Agu Irukwu’. That is someone whose idea is not ‘generally accepted’ which is objects to gay relationships and gay marriages(if you don’t know!).  

Pastor Agu was also referred to as an ‘ultra-evangelical’  never heard that before! The good old wiki says: to be evangelical would mean to be a believer in the gospel, that is the message of Jesus Christ. So ultra must be another classification! The Evangelical alliance replied with a statement saying they objected to the article and count it insulting, saying -

 ‘It is a deeply disappointing turn of events that the Evening Standard could not celebrate with tens of thousands of Londoners that such a respected statesman and leader of a large and thriving church was nominated for this award. Pastor Agu has had a profound and incredibly positive influence on the UK church over the past 20 years’. 

The Church headed by Pastor Agu, Jesus House stated that:’As part of the Evangelical Alliance the church holds a traditional orthodox interpretation of the Bible in relation to marriage, sexual relationships and family life. Such a view is held by hundreds of millions of Christians across the world’. 

"Pastor Agu Irukwu does not require Boris Johnson to defend or vote for him, the thousands of people he inspires week after week with his messages of love and peace seem to be doing that already."

However, the truth of the matter which nobody has raised is we live in a political lobbying society. It doesn’t need to be right or wrong, it’s what pleases the voters, what will get the largest vote.

With Mayor Boris running for a re- election in May 2012, he definitely cannot afford to back the wrong person who will most likely damage his voting power. This is the sad truth of the democratic world we live in. The louder the voice, the richer they are, the more powerful they become, irrespective of their size.

The gay population according to 2010 stats is a mere 1.5%, yet the Christians who are over 76.8% of the UK population are unimportant, mostly humiliated and referred to as obnoxious, not in touch with what’s happening in the society.

 Perhaps this is because of our non-chalant attitude to our faith, unlike the Muslims who are just 3% of the UK population, who see their religion as their identity, pride and joy, ready to die for.  Christians are mostly ashamed to carry a Bible and that’s if they know what is in the Bible, A religious survey said Christians were the most ignorant of their faith with the Atheist mostly enlightened across board!

I once went to a Christian conference and saw a denim cover book, I picked it up and to my surprise it was a bible. I said to the seller that’s new/ it doesn’t even say bible in the front, he said ‘oh a lot of people like to be discreet these days’ that’s why the bible is so popular.

Ashamed of the gospel!.  Until the Christian body come together with one BIG voice, raise the awareness of what Christianity is as the bedrock of civilization, what it has done in our society, without them there will be no Barbados, no Good Samaritan no abolition of slave trade, no charities etc.

There is an urgent need for the church to wake up and speak up, we are not the one’s to be scared!.

Let’s wear our Christianity with pride, have many more Christian Concerns! More pro-active groups!.

  • Sarah - October 17, 2011 9:42 PM

    I quite agree with your views about time we stood for what we believe

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Hi, wonderful piece..and I quite agree, christians need to wear there faith on their collar and stop trying to be everything to everybody..

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